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10 WEEKS Program

€ 37 | Access for 16 Weeks

Discover new training methods and a variety of exercises for a more active life, healthier and happier!

The heart of “health and fun” is a variety of exercices proposed in an accessible format that can be practiced in your house, your gym or wherever you are. The workouts are made in a way to maintain your motivation by proposing different training methods such as plyometrics, traditional muscular training, dynamic movements, combat techniques and stretching.

From mobility to stability, from strenght to power, the exercices in the program are working all your body from head to toes and become more and more complex while respecting the criterias of an adequate posture. In addition to the exercices, you will find tips and ideas about nutrition, supplementation, meditation and many other information refering to an healthy lifestyle so that you can optimize your training results and live happily healthy.

Your Trainers,
Geneviève Desmarquis and Sebastian Kühn

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